Payment Process

Grant recipients will use the following grant procedures and payment process that uses familiar LPOSD No. 84 Requisition for Purchase Order forms. Here are the simple steps to purchase materials for grants:

Fill out the standard LPOSD 84 Requisition for Purchase Order form (yellow and white copy) including:
Vendor Information
Ship to
Identify your PAFE grant number on the first line of the “Budget Account Number” column.
Add all items for purchase per your approved PAFE grant including: Description, Part #, Unit, Unit Price, Quantity, and Total.
Complete the form with your signature next to “Requestor” at the bottom of the form.
Mail or Email your completed form to the PAFE Office for approval by the PAFE Compliance Officer. (PO Box 1675, Sandpoint ID 83864 or [email protected] )
You’re done! Once reviewed and approved, PAFE will forward the completed LPOSD 84 Requisition for Purchase Order to the District Bookkeeper for processing and ordering. (If there are any questions about the items to be purchased, we will contact you by phone or email.)

Important Notices

No grant expenditures can be made in advance of an approved PO.
Deadline for grant payments requests for purchases beyond 30 miles of district office is April 1st of the school year. (Consistent with LPOSD policy)
Purchases of local items are allowed through June 1st of the school year if the invoice can be obtained by June 1st. (Consistent with LPOSD policy)
All invoices/packing slips and receivers must be turned into the Accounts Payable Specialist by June 1st.
The individual designated as “Grant Director” (on the PAFE Grant Application Form) is fully responsible for researching District Policy and submitting accurate and complete information on the District Purchase Requisition Form.


One of the most powerful ways we raise money for these grants is through educating our community. We try to speak to civic organizations, and send news releases to the local papers. Having pictures of your projects and actually showing people what you do is helpful. Please take pictures of your project. Also include the names of any individual in your photo. (We will need to contact parents for their permission in the event that we use your photo for publicity.) We may contact you regarding a press release about your project. If so, a professional writer will create a story about your grant for the local papers. You will have the opportunity to review the press release for accuracy before it is submitted to the paper. If you make a tangible project, please make an extra one for us. The more we work together to show the community how special our relationship is the more they will support our endeavors.

Forfeiture of Grant

The Panhandle Alliance for Education realizes that even with the best of intentions sometimes we are unable to accomplish what we set out to do. The Alliance works very hard to evaluate these annual initial requests and keep a balance of grants within the district. If situations arise that preclude such approved grants to be achieved it is the decision of the Grant Committee that such initial grant monies will be cancelled and such funds will be added back to the annual grant pool for approved grants the following year. It is PAFE’s hope that this will enhance and protect the integrity of the initial commitment process. If you are unable to serve as the Project Director or the essence of your project cannot be fulfilled, please contact the Alliance in writing. After the Grants Committee reviews the circumstances you will be notified in writing of their decision.


As project director you will be responsible for submitting a Final Evaluation by the published deadline. Projects should be completed by no later than the last day of school of the year you received the grant. Final evaluations are due at that time. PAFE requires recipients to have a completed evaluation on file in order to apply for funds in the future.

Deadline for receipt of your Grant Evaluation – June 30th

Grant Materials Property of Lake Pend Oreille School District

All materials purchased through the Panhandle Alliance for Education to meet your grant requirements become property of the Lake Pend Oreille School District and belong to the school to which they are assigned. Grants and grant materials do not travel with the teacher in the event that a teacher transfers to another school.

The policy regarding grant mobility is as follows:

An individual teacher whose teaching assignment changes in the district may “take” the grant award with them to their new assignment if it is determined that the plan and execution of the plan is still valid in the new assignment.  If it is determined through a review process that a request for grant mobility will not result in the execution of the original grant, the grant will not be awarded but will be forfeited.
Upon reassignment or departure of a Teacher Grant recipient, a grant award may be passed to another teacher within the same building if it is determined that that teacher will execute completely the plan of the original grant recipient.