Panhandle Alliance for Education GOOGLE FORMS GRANT EVALUATION 
Final teacher evaluations due June 30, 2024

Please see below for Grant Evaluation questions or you can follow this link:

 Grant Identification:

Project Director
Grant Title
Grade Level of Students
Amount Funded

 Project Narrative:

Project Purpose and Goal: (Please briefly state your purpose for the reviewing audience.) Do you feel that your project fulfilled its purpose? Did you meet your goals and objectives? Describe how the students benefitted in student achievement. Did you achieve the expected results?
Student Involvement: Describe the number and type of students affected by the project. Define how often, or the amount of time students spent with the project.
Collaborative Model: Beside you, list the teachers/administrators involved in the project. Describe the collaboration amongst the teachers and administrators.
Evaluation Plan: Looking back at the “Evaluation Plan” portion of your grant application, did you follow your plan and timeline for assessing and evaluating the project’s success in meeting its goals? Did you feel this was helpful to the success of your project? Does this project merit district-wide application?
Project Budget: Do you now feel you requested an adequate amount of money for your project? If not, what would you do differently? Did you receive funding or in-kind services from other sources to complete your project? If so, please list other funding sources and what they provided.

 Application Process:

Access to Information: How did you find out about Panhandle Alliance for Education? Did you feel that the web site was easy to navigate? What suggestions do you have?
Grant Administration: Did having a PAFE Representative help with communication between the Alliance and the project? Did you feel the grant payment request process was successful? What suggestions do you have?
Share Your Grant Story: PAFE would like to share your unique grant project through the eyes of the students. Maybe it’s something they said, a spark ignited, or a change in their future plans. Can you share a student’s name that we might contact and a few words about the experience?
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