The Grants Committee will evaluate each proposal using a point system. Applicants should address each award criteria.

Project Purpose and Goal – 30 points
A clear, concise statement of the project’s scope and the anticipated benefits in student achievement. More weight will be given to innovative projects. Applicants are expected to explain how the project as designed will achieve the expected results including how the purpose and goals relate to the PAFE Mission Statement. (Clarity – 10 pts., purpose – 10 pts., and innovation – 10 pts.)
Student Involvement – 15 points
As a general rule, more weight will be given to projects that serve the most students. However, more weight also will be given to projects what involve intensive contact between a teacher and a small team of students.(Number students – 5 pts., intensity – 5pts., and student-centered – 5pts.)
Collaborative Model – 15 points
More weight will be given to projects that encourage teamwork between and among teachers, students and the community.(Teamwork: among teachers – 5 pts., among students – 5 pts., among students and community – 5 pts.)
Evaluation Plan – 15 points
More weight will be given to applications that present a clear plan for assessing and evaluating the project’s success.(Meaningful & measureable – 5 pts., innovative – 5 pts., clear – 5 pts.)
Likelihood of Timely Completion – 10 points
Projects are to be completed during that current grant cycle. More weight will be given to applications that set out a clear and reasonable time schedule. Applicants should address their success in meeting self-imposed and external deadlines.(Reasonable – 5 pts., past record – 5 pts.)
Cost-Benefit Ratio – 15 points
More weight will be given to projects that offer the most “bang for the buck.” As a general rule, capital improvements (bricks and mortar) will not be funded.(Longevity – 5 pts., less than $10/student – 10 pts., less than $20/student – 9 pts., less than $30/student – 8 pts., less than $50/student – 7 pts., less than $70/student – 6 pts., less than $100/student – 5 pts., less than $150/student – 4 pts., less than $200/student – 3 pts.)

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