Frequently Asked Questions about READY! For Kindergarten

READY! for Kindergarten is a nationally-recognized program for parents of children ages 0 to 5, providing FREE workshops three times a year in Sandpoint. In these fun, hands-on workshops, parents are encouraged to talk, laugh, sing and play with fun, high-quality toys, games, books and activities.  Parents then take home these free “tools” to enjoy with their children.

Read below all the frequently asked questions we get asked by participating parents.



Studies show that a high percentage of children whose parents attend multiple READY! workshops attain testing scores at or above grade level on entering kindergarten. Why are those testing scores significant? Higher test scores are a good indicator that a child is eager and ready to be a successful learner. (For reports on research findings, go to the national READY! for Kindergarten website, []).

The more, the better! You can attend as many as 15 workshops (offered in Sandpoint each Fall, Winter and Spring) if you begin the READY! program when your child is from birth to one year old.  Although it’s most beneficial to start READY! the year your child is born, even if you start attending the year before Kindergarten you and your child will benefit greatly from the curriculum and “tool kits”.

Workshops are for parents/grandparents/caregivers of children in the following age groups: 0 – 1 year, 1 – 2 years, 2 – 3 years, 3 – 4 years, 4 – 5 years. After registering, parents will be placed by the program director in the appropriate age-grouped parent workshop based on the child’s birth date and kindergarten-start year. When you receive your confirmation of registration, the workshop you’ll attend will be noted on the top of the confirmation.

All parents who are new to the READY! program attend a brief, one-time-only orientation at 9:30 a.m. on the morning of their first session. In this important introduction to READY!, parents get an overview of the program and learn about its benefits. They receive a READY! parent binder containing information on READY!, with age-appropriate rhymes and songs and the developmental targets for all the READY! age groups. Also in the binder is a Game Board, for which parents will receive game pieces when they attend workshops. A parent is automatically signed up for both the orientation and the appropriate workshop the first time she/he registers for READY!.

If you have not received a confirmation from the READY! Director within 3 business days from registering, please call the Panhandle Alliance for Education office (208-263-7040) to make sure your registration went through.

 These “tool kits” are chosen by child development experts, teachers and parents to include high-quality, research-based and carefully chosen toys, games, music CDs, books, puzzles, and activities which are appropriate for each workshop age group. 
READY! facilitators are trained to help parents learn how to use the materials with their children at home. The READY! program emphasizes the value of daily enjoyable, educational play between parents and children, called “playing with a purpose.”

We cannot give you the “tool kit” if you do not actually attend the workshop for which you’ve registered. This is both because of the high cost to the Panhandle Alliance for Education of the toys, games, books and activities parents receive at the READY! workshops and because we want parents to learn how to use the “tool kits” through the curriculum that is presented by our facilitators.

But we do offer an online version of the workshop.  If you are unable to attend the workshop on the day it’s offered please ask for the E-workshop through the registration form.  The “tool kit” can be picked up after the E-workshop is complete.

Fall, Winter and Spring READY! sessions are held at Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School in Sandpoint on a Saturday morning (three Saturday mornings each school year). The workshops are 90 minutes long (10 – 11:30 a.m.). Click here for specific dates

An eligible adult may bring along one extra adult, such as a spouse, parent, friend, or other caregiver involved in the child’s life. However, only one set of learning materials will be provided per child.

Since all the workshops run at the same time, if you have children of differing ages and want to attend more than one workshop, than another adult (spouse, parent, or other caregiver) will need to be registered with you.  You will attend one workshop and the other registered adult will attend the other workshop. 

Another option is to take the online workshop when you have multiple workshops to attend.  Please request the E-workshop you would like to attend through the registration form.

The website for the national headquarters of READY! for Kindergarten (in Kennewick, Washington) is []. You may also call the Panhandle Alliance for Education office in Sandpoint, 208-263-7040

The Panhandle Alliance for Education thanks:

The dedicated and caring adult community members and the Sandpoint Middle School and High School student volunteers who assist with our READY! program.