Panhandle Alliance for Education is an advocate for quality education in the Lake Pend Oreille School District, and stands as a leader among community education foundations throughout our state and region. 

PAFE’s vision is not only to help support education through funding our many various programs, but to help children and families realize their potential with innovative ways of learning and participation. 




We see a future where children throughout our community realize their full potential. They have a variety of ways to learn and to demonstrate their competencies. They learn the skills to successfully navigate all phases of their growth and development. They are equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to lead productive and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing economy and society.


Students are inspired by educators and their families to dream big and to imagine a fulfilling future. Parents learn about how their child’s brain is developing, how to prepare their toddlers for kindergarten and their middle- and high-schoolers for college and other post-secondary opportunities. All families are motivated to use the tools and resources necessary for their children’s development.


Residents and businesses throughout our community are engaged in a myriad of ways in support of schools, teachers and families. There is widespread, on-going support of LPOSD and its essential role as a magnet for new jobs, workers, and community prosperity. There is a tangible culture of pride for quality education and the community understands that LPOSD is an economic and societal asset.


PAFE is a respected resource, skilled at telling the story of successful partnership between PAFE and LPOSD. The story travels beyond the community, all of Idaho, the Northwest and even the nation. PAFE is an advocate for quality education and a reliable provider of news about education that transcends politics and partisanship. PAFE stands out as a guidepost among community education foundations.


PAFE grant programs encourage teachers, school principals and district leaders to think outside the box, innovate, collaborate, broaden outreach to families and develop the whole child. The programs deliver tangible results; thereby, the community understands the value of an LPOSD education.


Facilities, infrastructure, technology and learning aides throughout the region are being replaced or upgraded when appropriate. Our schools meet the needs of 21st century students and families. The community supports appropriate learning tools and environments.


The district sustains an adequate funding stream while being able to focus upon education and not financial issues. Teacher salaries attract and retain highly qualified teachers in a competitive environment. The community is well informed and supportive of education financing.


PAFE is sustainable. People proactively come forward to serve PAFE’s mission. PAFE’s financial resources continue to grow and sustain grant programs and strategic initiatives in support of our teachers and families, plus a diverse and dynamic portfolio of outreach, information and communication programs. PAFE engages businesses and alumni to show the on-going value of an LPOSD education.