From Struggling Reader to Aspiring Environmental Biologist

Has a teacher or an event in your childhood made a certain impact that has influenced who you are and what you do today? In our ongoing series, we highlight a few student stories that showcase those pivotal moments for them.

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Jaggar Lindgren
Northside Elementary
Fifth-grade student (Class of 2027)

Jaggar Lindgren found reading to be difficult when he was in first grade. No one likes to work on something when it just makes them feel frustrated. Fortunately, Lucky the Puppy came to the rescue.

The PAFE Learning with Lucky reading program is a motivator for kids to read. Each student receives a plush puppy reading companion, and Adoption Day every year is very exciting.

Along with the puppy, kids use their reading log to track how often kids they read to their pup. The goal is to read 20 minutes a day. As they earn points for more reading, they win prizes and treats for their puppy.

It’s all an excellent distraction to help kids improve their reading skills, and it seems to be working. Jaggar did exactly that. Being a lover of nature and animals to begin with, he loved reading to his puppy and simply couldn’t get enough of it.

Now in the fifth grade, Jaggar is excelling in school. You can often find him at home reading in his free time. According to his school teacher Carolyn Whalen, he is fascinated with anything in the natural world. He has blossomed into a great student and has aspirations to become an environmental biologist someday.

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