Teacher Grants

Teacher Grants are awarded on an annual basis to teachers who compete for available funds. Awards are based on innovation, collaboration, impact on education, and a cost-benefit analysis.

RESULTS: Since 2003, 650 grants have been completed totaling an investment in our classrooms of over $1.5 million. Examples include classroom technology, lab/safety equipment, musical instruments, robotics, math and book clubs, and more.

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Career/College Guidance Counselor and Center

Career/College Guidance Counselor and Center takes the mystery out of life after high school and gives every graduating senior the gift of a career plan and an exciting future.

RESULTS: In 2017, 78% of graduating seniors were accepted and plan to enter college or technical schools.

READY! for Kindergarten

READY! for Kindergarten is a program for families with children aged 0-5 years. In our district and nationwide, 44% of children entering kindergarten test below proficiency for learning readiness. Data verifies that children who start behind typically stay behind.

RESULTS: After 9 years of the READY! for Kindergarten program, 90% of READY “graduates” continually enter school testing at or above Kindergarten readiness levels.

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Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaches are on staff to deliver professional development to all teachers K-12. Areas of focus include Writing, Social Emotional Wellness, and the Collaborative Math Classroom.

RESULTS: Instructional Coaches are working with teachers to upgrade curriculum to meet tougher standards, and address key shifts in instruction methodology.

Step-up to Writing

District leadership requested this new writing curriculum with the #1 goal to systematically improve the writing of all students in preparation for the competitive job market and college readiness.

RESULTS: The results of the instructional coaches coupled with the new curriculum is intensifying each year and presenting marked improvements.

Second Step – Social/Emotional Wellness for All

This district-wide program includes hiring school psychologists plus a new curriculum for all elementary schools in the district. The focus is on developing skills that help all children recognize and overcome the challenges that modern life presents.

RESULTS: Students are learning socially responsible behavior including empathy, managing emotions, and solving interpersonal conflicts with peers through self-regulation skills.

International Heidelberg Summer Science Seminar – In partnership with the John Ernest Foundation

An emersion into STEM research under the supervision of working scientists for one well-deserved high school junior. Plus a chance to explore Heidelberg Germany.

RESULTS: One high school junior attends an in-depth STEM investigation, plus experiences life on a university campus. This program is designed to promote up-and-coming scientists and help create a strong application to a competitive four-year university.

A conversation with Catherine Brenner, Grantee for the International Science School in Heidelburg, GermanyVIDEO
A conversation with Cienna Roget, Grantee for the Stanford summer college experienceVIDEO

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