Malia Meschko

Growing up in Sandpoint meant the chance to spend winters on the ski hill and summers riding horses with friends, participating in 4-H and playing volleyball at the beach. During high school, she became an athlete, was student class president a couple years, ski club president and officer for many years and was a starter on the volleyball team that brought home the first state volleyball title. Through these experiences she began to experience the possibility of what a life beyond high school might hold. Graduating in ’82 and becoming an exchange student to Sweden launched the passion to become an “educator”. During her exchange, she spoke in front of many different groups about what life was like in Sandpoint as a teenager. Returning home, she began pursuing an education degree. Meeting her husband and starting a family kept Malia very busy until graduating in 1994 with a BA in Elementary Education and a few years later earning an Occupational Specialist Certification in Drafting to teach at the high school. As a teacher, Malia has spent a great deal of time as a lifelong learner taking many courses to support her content, classroom management, and student’s mental health in the classroom. As a teacher extra duties and leadership responsibilities range from: coaching, taking on student council, writing curriculum for Sandpoint High and consulting on two Career and Tech Ed courses through IDLA, teaching dual credit AutoCAD through NIC, helping create the Idaho State Drafting Standards, helping mentor new drafting teachers around the state, being a student council regional and state director and being on various advisory boards and the North Idaho College CTE accreditation committee. All the training and experiences in education have been great, but helping students discover themselves, their talents and their futures is the greatest thrill of her career. She wants to continue helping students advance their education by supporting PAFE with the various grants and fund raising that supports teachers and their innovative ideas to promote student learning in our community.