2019/2020 Panhandle Alliance for Eduction Teacher Grant Awards


2020 Pend Oreille Water Festival – Southside Elementary

Barbie Hunt


This environmental education program for 5th grade students includes a watershed education trunk, interactive in-class lessons and culminates with an outdoor field trip providing the opportunity to get outside and learn about watershed first-hand.


Kindergarten Stem Kit – Sagle & Kootenai Elementary Schools

Ashley Delucchi


This innovative grant will give kindergarteners hands-on lessons in science, technology, engineering and math with problem solving using magnets, motion, chain reactions and brick building challenges just to name a few.


Makerspace:  Final Frontier – Farmin Stidwell Elementary

Nicole Huguenin


Students will receive the tools and supplies needed to create a ‘Makerspace’, a place for them to practice Design Thinking: Empathize, Define the Problem, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.  Tools will include a 3D Printing Pen, Heat Press, Laser cuts and mats, building and coding systems.


Solar Car Grand Prix – Sandpoint Middle School

Adam Noble 


Middle school students will plan, design, construct, and later race a car that will operate on solar power, demonstrating their understanding of measurement, angles, aerodynamics, the number system and ratios and proportions.


Cougar Weather Station – Washington Elementary 

Jewel Shea


5th grade students will take an official reading from the weather station, interpret the data, and then report it to staff and fellow students during a broadcast each morning. Additionally, students will analyze the weather station data to extrapolate local weather patterns and the connection to local and global climate patterns.


Growing Minds with Gardening STEAM – Southside Elementary 

Kelly Krystinak


This grant funds an indoor garden with grow lights, heirloom seeds, soil and potting materials allowing for a visual and hands on botany experience for elementary students.  Expanded learning will include nutritional lessons, library research and collaboration with Sandpoint Garden Club.


Swamp Rock Fiddle Camp – Southside Elementary 

Jacque Johnson


Students will take part in a string teaching residency focused on acquiring enough skills to be able to solo perform a three cord fiddle tune with guitar accompaniment, opening the door to the world of music for students.


Design for Change – Washington Elementary

Ann Dickenson


In addition to promoting complex problem solving and community involvement, students involved with Design for Change learn to apply academic skills such as research, writing, and speaking in authentic, meaningful contexts.  This grant expands this program to more classrooms across the district.


CTE Student Run Business – Sandpoint High School 

Nayla Morton


Graphic design students will have the opportunity to have hands on experience in working with the customer in creating a custom product and business students will obtain industry experience running and managing a spirit store, including marketing, web development, accounting, and customer service.


Kaleidoscope Art Education – District Wide

Heather Guthrie


Through the Kaleidoscope outreach program, our purpose and mission is to provide visual arts education to elementary students. This program offers academically and developmentally based art lessons that address Idaho state learning standards for the visual arts and common core standards for teaching and learning.


What’s Next – Sandpoint High

Jeralyn Mire


SHS Students will have a variety of opportunities to explore and experience the options available for life after high school through career/technical field trips, tours, job and college fairs and college visits.


Buster School Bus Safety – District Wide 

James Kohler


Promoting school bus safety throughout the 2019/2020 school year, the Buster Program will be involved in multiple community events and two national campaigns, “School Bus Safety Week” and “Love the Bus Month.”


Klondike the Last Adventure – Sandpoint Middle School

Jacki Crossingham


Living Voices will perform a historic presentation focusing on The Klondike Gold Rush-The Last Adventure, serving as a springboard to begin the seventh grade English Language Arts Survival Unit.


No Drama Discipline – Kootenai Elementary School 

Trish Butler


Kootenai Elementary Staff will participate in a book study and training on No Drama Discipline, The Whole-Brain Way to Calm Chaos and Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind.


Smartlab: Creativity Learning – Southside Elementary School 

Lynette Leonard


Southside students will explore S.T.E.A.M. through applied technology and project-based learning in the integrated learning environment of a Smartlab, carefully designed to foster development of higher order thinking skills, where everything works together to support hands-on learning.


Beekeeping – Lake Pend Oreille High School 

Randy Wilhelm


This grant will purchase the protective gear for students to wear in order to learn the science and craft of beekeeping and the many aspects involved.


Training Connection Leaders – Sandpoint High School

Shannon Kerrigan


This grant will provide professional, research-based training for selected SHS juniors and seniors who are nominated by staff and students to become Connections Leaders.

Learning with Lucky – District Wide

Carolyn Whalen


Each first-grade student in the district will start the school year with a stuffed animal lab puppy that will serve as part of their daily reading team, proven to increase reading fluency and proficiency.


Video Production Upgrade – Sandpoint High School 

William Love


The grant will purchase professional-grade video cameras and equipment for journalism students in the Cedar Post and Monticola classes at SHS.


AcaDeca Sickness and Health – Sandpoint High School 

Dana Stockman


This grant gives SHS Academic Decathlon Program the opportunity to purchase curriculum materials and supplies to support the SHS AcaDeca Team for the 2019-2020 topic of In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness, as they prepare across all academic subjects.


Mystery Science – Sagle Elementary 

Becky Forell


This grant allows a continued subscription to Mystery Science, impacting all students in grades K-5 at Sagle Elementary with this engaging, interactive and innovative curriculum.


Literacy for Little Learners – Washington Elementary School 

Megan Jordan


Kindergarten students at Washington will have hands-on materials to build a strong language arts base with the focus on phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, listening comprehension and vocabulary.


LPOSD Summer STEM Camp – Farmin and Kootenai Elementary Schools 

Elizabeth Delessio


Summer STEM Camp is designed to engage students with hands-on opportunities in order to help prevent the summer achievement gap. Open to incoming 1st-6th students of Kootenai and Farmin-Stidwell.


Now and Next Summit – Sandpoint High School 

Kendall Lang


This grant provides students and their families with information and resources to assist students as they make decisions during high school in order to plan for their future and their post-graduation goals.


PLC Assessment to Improve – Sandpoint High School 

Tom Albertson


SHS will partner with Solution Tree to bring a guest instructor to speak about assessment practices to guide and measure student learning as part of the Professional Learning Communities for all teachers.


Arts and Tech Integration – Northside Elementary School 

Shantelle Gillis


This grant allows Northside Elementary to continue to implement an integrated arts skills development and art history curriculum, providing arts integration through age-appropriate education and supplies.


Broadway in Sandpoint – Sandpoint High School 

Jeannie Hunter


This grant provides royalty and rental fees for a major Broadway Play, to support and stage the production, showcasing student performance, stagecraft and technical work in planning and implementation.


Bal-A-Vis-X Exercise – Southside Elementary School 

Krista Jones


Funding of this grant will make it possible for two teachers to attend the BLVX Training this summer as well as purchase the equipment to bring this multi-faceted mind-body system to Southside Elementary.


Budget Challenge Simulation – Sandpoint High School 

Nayla Morton


This grant provides registration fees for Budget Challenge, a personal finance simulation geared toward high school students to teach money management skills.


Leading Learning – Washington Elementary School 

Natassia Hamer


This grant will make it possible for Washington School’s Leading Learning Team to attend the Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute to then bring PLC to Washington Elementary.


Future Diplomats – Sandpoint High School 

Debbie Smith


This grant will support SHS student participation in the National High School Model United Nations Conference held annually in NYC, building active, educated, globally-minded citizens.


Professional Learning Communities – Sandpoint Middle School 

Chantel Casey


Three SMS 7th grade Language Arts Teachers will attend the Professional Learning Communities at Work Conference, focusing on the roles and importance of Professional Learning Communities in our schools.


Idaho Battle of the Books – Sandpoint Middle School 

Kelly Curtiss


This grant brings Idaho Battle of the Books (IBOB) to SMS, a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program, exposing students to a vast variety of quality literature.


Arts. Drama. Arts. Culture. – Home School Academy 

Melinda Rossman


This grant will make it possible to have at least one dramatic production each year and to bring in guests for cultural celebrations and education.


Ovations Performing Arts Education – Forrest Bird Charter Schools 

Paul Gunter


The Ovations Outreach Program will bring performing arts education to students in LPOSD through academic-based performance workshops that address Idaho State and Common Core Standards.


Summer Library Hours – Northside Elementary School 

Jamie Parnell


Students at Northside will have access to their library over the summer months to promote summer reading and engagement in an effort to continue to build skills as a reader and minimize learning loss.


Summer STEM and Reading – Kootenai Elementary School 

LeeAnn Kopsa


Summer reading and hands-on STEM projects will be paired for exciting summer opportunities for children and parents of Kootenai Elementary.


KT Learning Landscape – Kootenai Elementary School 

Kelli Knowles


This grant will assist in the development of an outdoor learning classroom at Kootenai Elementary. This space will be a multi-use addition to campus and will be in collaboration with Kaniksu Land Trust.


Keyboarding for Success – Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School 

Alice Griffith


This online keyboarding program will teach students proficiency at keyboarding, utilizing the self-paced, individualized program, “Keyboarding for Kids”.


I Can See My Makeup – Sandpoint High School 

Jeannie Hunter


The purchase of new make-up mirrors will benefit the theatre department, as students will use the mirrors to prepare for multiple productions each year, working on stagecraft and proper make-up application.


APSI: Literature – Sandpoint High School 

Pam Webb


This grant will allow teacher training and information for the newly revised Advanced Placement course exams for Language and Literature.


Brass Instruments – Sandpoint High School

Aaron Gordon


SHS will receive a new Brass Instrument, a Bach Flugelhorn, benefiting the music program and adding to a full instrumental ensemble.


Summer STEM and Reading – Kootenai Elementary School 

Lori Padilla


This grant will help second graders purchase Scholastic Books each month in a program that works to improve reading skills by assisting in the choosing, ordering and building of one’s own personal library.


Books for All – Hope Elementary School 

Kristi Harrison


This grant will help fund the Book Trust Program partnership with Scholastic to provide money toward books for K-3 students each month of the school year.



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