2018/19 PAFE Teacher Grant Awards / Teacher Grant Awards for 2018 2019 from panhandle alliance for education

Math Leadership Team 3.0

Kathy Prummer

Built on the concept of collaboration between the teacher, coach, and students; the grant for Math Leadership Team 3.0 allows for continued efforts in building strong math leaders capable of teaching model lessons and facilitating professional development school and district-wide.


2019 Pend Oreille Water Festival

Barbara Hunt

This grant empowers fifth-grade students with the knowledge to appreciate, respect and protect our water resources, including a watershed education trunk, interactive in-class lessons and an outdoor field trip to Riley Creek Recreational Area in Laclede. Students will have the opportunity to be outside and learn about watershed first-hand.


Learning with Lucky

Carolyn Whalen


Each first grade student in the district will start the school year with a stuffed black or yellow lab puppy of their choice that will become part of their daily oral reading fluency practice. These non-judgmental reading buddies have proven to be very motivating for students, taking their reading proficiency to new heights!


Experiential Snow School

Perky Hagadone


Each fifth grade class in the district will learn about our local watershed and then head up to Schweitzer and experience it first-hand using authentic science and math! Students will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of our watersheds and take in the beauty that lies just outside their doorways.


Buster and Friends School Bus Safety

James Koehler


Buster and Friends teaches school bus safety and the importance of staying safe on and off the bus for all Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade students in the district. Students love hearing from this fully animated, remote-controlled talking robotic bus.


Let’s Visit Our Futures!

Jeralyn Mire


This grant provides students in all grade levels at Sandpoint High School the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of options available for life after high school. This involves both college and career options including career/technical field trips, tours to local businesses, job fairs, college fairs and college visits.


Reflex Math

Elizabeth Dalessio


Reflex Math is an interactive, individualized, web-based math program that will help students of all abilities achieve fluency in basic math facts. Because of Reflex Math’s highly motivational game-based approach, students will experience success in math at all three academic tiers.



Heather Guthrie


Through POAC’s Kaleidoscope outreach program and partnership, elementary students in grades 3-6 will engage in visual arts education, offering academically and developmentally based art lessons that address Idaho State learning standards for teaching and learning.


Mission Control

Nicole Huguenin


Farmin Stidwell Elementary commons area will be modified to support student learning, engagement, and collaboration with flexible and functional furniture purchased with this grant. Students will be able to enjoy this space individually, in small groups or one-on-one with teachers.


Quantitative Analysis Lab

John Hastings


This grant will purchase three LabQuest 2 data collection devices which will improve the level of accuracy in water and soil analysis labs currently used in Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences and Dual Credit Horticultural Plant and Soil Science classes. These college level courses require precision when doing quantitative analysis; this kind of experience in high school will give students an advantage in their further studies or careers.


Mission to Mars

Jewel Shea


Funding of this grant allows the continuation of the Mars Rover program at Sagle Elementary School. Mars Rover is an advanced program designed to enhance math and science concepts through participation in structured, hands-on activities and team-building exercises, culminating in the construction of a Mars Rover robot.  Many of these activities address the Common Core Mathematics Practice Standards for grades five and six.


Kokanee in the Classroom

Jennifer Smith


Third graders at Washington Elementary will learn about ecology, conservation and other life sciences as they raise kokanee salmon from eggs to fry in the classroom.   Students observe the salmon daily from January to April and use their observations in weekly life science lessons, field trips, and guest speaker presentations from local agencies.


STEM Summer Reading

LeeAnn Kopsa


Students at Kootenai Elementary are invited to attend Summer Reading at their school library with this grant. Teachers, parent volunteers and student mentors will provide hands-on assistance to a STEM lesson, featured reading activities and science experiment activities. Students will also be able to check out up to 5 books each day, keeping their literacy skills on track during the summer months.


AcaDeca: Transforming Students

Dana Stockman


This grant will supply all materials and supplies needed for Decathletes to study science, literature, art, music, social science, economics, and mathematics, all relevant to the 1960’s, this year’s focus. They will enhance their interpersonal skills through essays, speeches, and interviews at competitions, along with various school and community presentations.


Future Diplomats

Debbie Smith


This unique and innovative program enables SHS students to learn and apply academic knowledge and skills to real life – situations making them better prepared for college and the work force. It also prepares and motivates students to become active educated citizens in our democratic society. This grant will support SHS student participation in the National High School Model United Nations conference held annually in NYC.


Exploring Nature Connections

Melinda Rossman


Connecting art, math and nature science with the elements on the periodic table, with soil contents, and how elements become soluble is exciting. This grant will provide the tools needed for scientific measurement, art production, and hands on fieldwork for The Homeschool Academy’s grades Kindergarten through 8th.


Mystery Science

Becky Forrell


Students will interact and engage in grade-appropriate curriculum called Mystery Science. This includes videos, hands on experiments, discussions, and assessments that all meet the new NGSS standards.

Kids will learn how to ‘make it rain’ and create a human hand with bones and tendons, and the other mysterious projects.


Student Connections

Cindy Albertson


This grant will provide professional training for our Connection Leaders- juniors and seniors nominated by staff and students as caring, positive role models, and have the heart to make a difference in our school. The Student Connections program is one of the most significant school-wide efforts designed to help all students connect with others.


Kootenai Summer Academy

Elizabeth Dalessio


This grant provides funding for all aspects of the summer reading program at Kootenai Elementary – a summer school class offering evidence-based intervention for students K-3. This grant will boost achievement in phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.


#GEOSplash Math Camp

Sherri Hatley


#GEOSplash Math Camp Hope 2018 is a one week camp in June, offered to all students who have just completed grades K – 6.  Students will participate in hands-on, open-ended, creative math activities to include essential geometric content, problem solving and critical thinking.


Let Welders See

Jacob Stark


This grants provides funds for twenty Optivu auto-tint welding helmets. As soon as a welder strikes an arc, these helmets automatically turn dark protecting the welder from flash burn which is a burn to the eye if exposed to the infrared and ultraviolet light for too long. The goal is to give every new student entering the welding program a positive and enjoyable start to their welding careers at SHS and beyond.


Computing Acceleration

Malia Meschko


This grant will aid in updating processors for classroom use in the high school. The speed of advanced machines will help students progress through their work quickly, with few delays. Additionally, improved understanding will take place in regards to the types of processors needed to maintain the speeds that the industry demands to be competitive.


Keyboarding for Success

Alice Griffith


This online keyboarding program will teach students proficiency at keyboarding, utilizing the self-paced, individualized program, “Keyboarding for Kids”. Students will use iPad and keyboards, Chromebooks, or computers to practice skills, moving to mastery.


Virtual Reality for All

Mary Marienau


Sandpoint Middle School Students in Future City will have access to Virtual Reality Technology to go beyond their simulations, essays, and scaled models and visit their cities, walk down the street, stand in front of City Hall, or visit a public park. This grant will provide opportunity for student growth and active participation as well as its alignment to educational goals.


Northside Elementary Arts Integration

Shantelle Gillis


This arts program will allow students to interact and engage with their teacher and the artist in residence. Lessons will be developed and taught by the artist with direct support from the classroom teacher during the entirety of the lesson. Teachers will see their students learning styles in a different avenue than the general education classroom, thanks to this collaborative grant.


Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Lynette Leonard


S.T.E.A.M. will expose K-6 grade students to multi-age level, project-based science, technology, engineering, arts and math education. Core standards and science standards will engage students in hands-on projects while learning the 4 C’s that have been identified as the most important skills required for 21st century education; critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.


Heart Smart

Jacob Peterson


Heart Smart’s heart rate monitor system will track students’ individual physical activity level and provide instant feedback to the teacher and student during activities. This will aid students in learning about target heart rates and allow ownership of their fitness, setting a foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle.


Future is Bright

Jeanne Warwick


Sixth grade students at Washington Elementary will collaborate and design all aspects of a city 100 years in the future, incorporating all aspects of STEM. This grant will provide the opportunity for students to participate at the Future City State Competition at Boise State University.


Design for Change

Ann Dickinson


Design for Change is an international program empowering students to solve problems in their communities using the design thinking process (Feel, Imagine, Do and Share). This grant will allow students to engage in meaningful activities and understand the power of bringing awareness to others.


Parent Book Study

Jeralyn Mire


This grant provides a book study that will help offer parents skills, tools, ideas and resources to assist in raising children to be college and career ready. The study will focus on the book How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julia Lythcott-Haims.


Hills are Alive – Royalty

Jeannette Hunter


This grant will provide royalty and rental fees for a major Broadway play in order to support and stage the show. This opportunity will showcase student performance, stage-craft and technical work in planning and implementation.


National Association of Biology Teachers Conference

Amy Yost


Three Biology teachers at SHS will attend the National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development Conference in San Diego, California. High-quality, innovative professional development in this area is crucial in learning best practices for instruction and assessment to successfully incorporate them into the Biology curriculum at SHS.


Gamification of Education

Dalton Hawkins


Gamification will bring elements of board games, video games, and role-playing games into the classroom. Focus will be on creating an intrinsically motivated student who will view a difficult task as an opportunity.



Aaron Gordon


SHS Band Program will receive two new timpani drums to experience a full instrumental ensemble. The timpani will aid in providing opportunities for musical growth, scholarships, and success of students in the program.










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