2017-2018 PAFE Teacher Grant Awards

Dinah Gaddie, Future is Bright, Sandpoint Middle School, $2,500

Future City is a cross-curricular grant designed to help students learn how communities work by incorporating math, science, engineering, research writing, creative arts and more.

Cindy Albertson, Mentor Training, Sandpoint High School, $1,500

This grant will provide quality training for our high school mentor students chosen to help facilitate monthly meetings to address classmates’ social and emotional needs.

Marcea Marine, Solar Power Grand Prix, Sandpoint Middle School, $2,195

Solar Power Grand Prix funds a unit that teaches the value of alternative energy – mainly solar power.   It will promote real life experiences, as well as develop an appreciation for the power of this clean and continuous form of energy.

Carolyn Whalen, Learning with Lucky, District-Wide, $9,000

This grant provides every first grade student in the district with a stuffed puppy at the beginning of the school year. This non-judgmental reading buddy will become part of and enhance their daily oral reading fluency practice.

Lisa Greene, Pend Oreille Water Festival, Farmin-Stidwell, $1,700

The 2018 Pend Oreille Water Festival is a multidisciplinary environmental education program for fifth-grade students that includes a traveling watershed education trunk, interactive in-class lessons and an outdoor field trip to Riley Creek Campground in Laclede.

Perky Hagadone, Experiential Snow School, District-Wide, $9980

Fifth grade recipients of this grant will be involved in a pre-lesson with SOLE experts where they learn about our local watershed, followed by a day in the snow at Schweitzer.  Students will undergo hands-on activities using authentic science and math.

Mamie Brubaker, 2018 Science Circuit, Sandpoint High School, $2,250

2018 Science Circuit will feature over 30 science exhibits, featuring high school students’ research in an interactive, science-centered format.  Students will experience exploding hydrogen, tasting a model of a molecule, being encased in a giant bubble, and generally having a great time with science in action.

Tom Albertson, Community Connections 2, Sandpoint High School, $4,550

This grant for professional development training will strengthen and enhance relationships between staff and students and increase relevant, data driven classroom instruction.

Trudie Weiden, Time for Kids, Farmin-Stidwell, $1,170

Weekly Time for Kids magazines will be utilized as a resource that allows teachers to teach Idaho Common Core standards in an interesting and effective manner.

Caitlin Peterson, CSI Forensic Science, Sandpoint Middle School, $2,750

This grant introduces students to the science of forensics and will work in both large and small groups to study the scientific evidence used by investigators to solve crimes, exposing kids to many career opportunities.

Brenda Woodward, Experiential Forestry, LPO, $2,479

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the practical applications of science and math as they apply it to the study of local flora, fauna and habitats.

John Hastings, SHS, Monarch Butterfly Restoration, $600

Students will participate in real-world active science research by introducing native milkweed to the SHS riparian area, the only plant Monarchs use for reproduction.  Students will also have the opportunity to work with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Dana Stockman, AcaDeca Arts & More, Sandpoint High School, $4,300

Academic Decathlon students will study Africa’s history, literature, science, economics, music and visual arts, and basic mathematics and geometry. Students will also enhance their interpersonal skills as they prepare speeches, write essays, and give interviews in competitions.

Jeralyn Mire, College & Career Exposure, Sandpoint High School, $2,362

The College & Career Exposure grant provides students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to explore and experience college and career options for life after high school.

Karrie Johnson, Plant Palace, Sagle Elementary, $293

To learn and understand the life cycle of plants, our students will plant seeds in the fall and watch the entire life cycle throughout the school year.

Dinah Gaddie, Industrial Revolution, Sandpoint Middle School, $3,500

The goal of this grant is to take STEM innovation to the next level and add Computational Thinking to the cause, an important practice in today’s world. Topics include Modern Manufacturing, Materials and Design, Energy Innovations, Inventions, Coding and 3D Design, Robotics and Drone Projects.

Mike Martz, Freshman Success, Sandpoint High School, $2,000

Freshman Success will help freshmen and their parents adjust to high school successfully by communicating clear and similar expectations regarding academics, behavior, responsibility, and motivation.

Alice Griffith, Keyboarding for Success, Farmin-Stidwell Elementary, $644

This grant supplies an online keyboarding program entitled “Keyboarding for Kids” to be used in the tech lab, classrooms, and at home.  The content is self-paced and can be individualized by grade level, by reading level, to beginning typists, to experienced typists, to slow learners, and to fast learners.

Perky Hagadone, NS Drama Club, Northside Elementary, $1,000

Students will learn the basic aspects of theater, allowing them to express and develop their creativity through weekly lessons in projection, body movement, script reading, etc.

Jacqueline Crossingham, Creating Lifelong Writers, Sandpoint Middle School, $805

This grant will give young adults the tools in which to become lifelong writers through a creative writing elective course.

James Koehler, Buster Bus Safety, District-wide, $2,360

Kindergarten through third graders will learn about safety from a beloved miniature bus named Buster.  Buster will answer questions, blink his lights, turn in circles, and impart memorable school bus safety lessons.

Rochelle Chatburn, We Do Legos, SS, $1,766

We believe in the power of play to spark our children’s curiosity, encourage their wonderings, and fully engage their minds.  While kids are “at play” building and coding, they will engage in science, mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, engineering, and art.

Meredith  Evensen-Lynch, Assistive Technology, FS,  $1,500

Technology is a powerful tool that assists students with diverse learning disabilities to engage in his/her educational environment.   Individualized support for each child’s unique needs is the goal of this project.

Kathleen Olson, Thrively Foster Passion, SMS, $657

Thrively is an application that helps students master the art of living with passion. Thrively will help our youth find their strengths, understand their unique worth, and become stronger and more confident citizens of our community.

David Lien, STEM BIKE Mechanics, FB, $990

There’s nothing more engaging for middle school students than basic bicycle maintenance. Students learn how bikes work, how to do tune-ups and fix repairs.  Lessons are intertwined with science  including the physics of force and motion, measurement and calculating velocity and momentum.

Sean Lyon, Astronomy, SMS, $881

Much of what we know about our universe comes from understanding how light interacts with molecules. This project gives students real, hands on experiences with elements and how they absorb and release energy.

Debbie Smith, Future Diplomats, SHS, $2,450

SHS students travel to New York City and participate in the Model UN as a delegation of diplomatic experts and problem solvers during an intense conference involving thousands of students from around the U.S. and the world.

Jacque Johnson, Kids Love Legos, SS, $908

Students engage in a LEGO “STEAM” activities building creations using LEGO Story Starter Kits in cooperative groups.  LEGO bricks bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach for primary grades.

Nellie Lutzwolf, Wellness Track, Clark Fork Junior High, $4,702

Students will study career options in health and fitness while they achieve an improvement in their own overall health and fitness.  This new wellness track expands the experiential learning options at Clark Fork Junior High.

LeeAnn Kopsa, Keep Reading This Summer, Kootenai Elementary, $2,500

Students enjoy access to the school library during the summer break to build and maintain their reading and computer skills.  It’s an opportunity to avoid the “Summer Slide”, where students actually go backwards in their fluency.

Megan Jordan, National Geographic 1st Grade, Farmin-Stidwell, $480

First graders will be reading non-fiction stories in National Geographic’s books for first graders.  Students learn a variety of fascinating real-world phenomena and develop a curiosity for geography and science.

Jacqueline Crossingham, Meeting Needs, SMS, $3,700

Consultant Kathryn Phillips’ workshop will focus on helping teachers and administrators meet the needs of struggling learners. This professional development opportunity  improves the skills of our educators.

Matt Brass, Teaching Tech to Teachers, DW, $4,989

Teachers improve their technology skills!  Matt Brass, Director of Technology at LPOSD provides a modular instructional series of individual courses covering software, hardware and technology etiquette and security.  Helping teachers stay tech savvy is the goal of this program.

Elizabeth Dalessio, iLearn, KT, $2,995

Learning is a lot of hard work! , Kootenai teachers will employ three innovative software programs that make learning more fun: Reflex Math, Mathseeds and Brain Pop/Brain Pop Jr.  Students are engaged through learning games, activities, and animated movies.

Mike Turnlund, Culinary Arts Equipment, CF, $1,000

Students will enjoy state-of-the-art kitchen equipment (and a new dishwasher to insure sterilization) to meet the learning objectives of the Culinary Arts Experiential Learning track at Clark Fork High.  The program gives students the venue to learn about potential careers and the steps necessary to achieve those careers.

Jeannie Hunter, Broadway at Home – Lion King, SHS, $4,000

Lion King comes to Sandpoint High.  Students experience the fun and drama of a real Broadway Play.  Musicals are a favorite of students and audiences but expensive to produce. This project is a collaborative production with Jon Brownell’s high school choir students.

Kelly Knowles, Trauma Based Support Training, KT, $4,515

Educators have seen an increase in students who come to school with extra “baggage”: students are hungry, tired, scared and emotional.  This training helps address those students’ needs and creates an environment where students feel secure and emotionally supported.

Alex Gray, Virtual Machines, SHS, $2,800

The US CyberPatriot competition allows SHS’s teams to complete against 4000+ teams across the United States to secure compromised computers. The CyberPatriot Virtual Machine PC project is designed to bring our team’s tools into the current industry standard.

KC MacDonald, Experiential Learning Track, Clark Fork $5,000

This grant fits in line with the Experiential Learning Track by suppling drone kits and lego robotic kits to Clark Fork Junior High students, matching the developmental stages of specific student needs.

Jeanne Warwick, Explore Art, Washington Elementary, $2,800

Explore Arts is an art history and skill development curriculum for elementary school students, providing background and techniques for a foundation and appreciation of art.

Aaron Gordon, Sousaphone, Sandpoint High School, $3,250

This grant purchases a sousaphone for the high school music program to provide opportunities for musical growth and give students an opportunity to participate in a full instrumental ensemble.

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