2016-17 PAFE Teacher Grant Recipients

Laurie Tibbs, Pend Oreille Water Festival, District-Wide ($1,600)

The Water Festival will build awareness, knowledge and understanding of the area’s natural resources; as well as promote conservation and stewardship of our most precious resource—water.

Richard Ross, 3D Printing, Sandpoint Middle School ($2,500)

This grant will implement 3-D Printing in the Industrial Technology curriculum and help supplement the curriculum in the new Robotics and Technology classes to be offered at SMS.

Jeralyn Mire, Career Connections, Sandpoint High School ($1,758)

This grant allows for continuing and refining opportunities for all SHS students through a series of career-related field trips with the goal of exposing students to jobs they could see themselves doing in the future.

Karin Beno, Artists and Authors, Southside Elementary ($935)

All Southside students in K-6th grade will have art once a week for an hour. Students will create a writing sample, a piece of art and a book designed, written, illustrated, and handcrafted by the end of the year.

Carolyn Whalen, Learning with Lucky, District-Wide ($9,000)

The Learning with Lucky program has proven to be successful at motivating 1st graders to read. With this grant, we expect 95% of our district’s non-special needs 1st graders will meet or exceed Idaho’s Reading Achievement benchmark goals in May.

Melissa Baker, Trekking with Thompson, Sandpoint Middle School ($1,901)

Examination of the importance of explorer and cartographer David Thompson to Bonner County and the Northwest will be added to our curriculum. Additionally, nationally known Thompson expert, author and speaker Jack Nisbet will be available to speak to our students.

Dinah Gaddie, Drone Design & Deployment, Washington Elementary ($1,739)

Students will design, build and fly their own drones. This program incorporates STEM concepts and the application of concept knowledge using 3D printed parts, project management skills and teamwork.

Nayla Morton, Career Pathways – Aerospace Ground School, Sandpoint High School ($2,275)

This grant will provide real-life experiences for SHS students which will enhance the academic subject matter covered in the second semester aerospace ground school class.

Trudie Weiden, TIME for Kids, Farmin Stidwell Elementary ($1,940)

The weekly TIME for Kids magazines will be utilized as a resource that allows teachers to teach Common Core standards in an interesting and effective manner using current and meaningful texts.

Jacki Crossingham, Making Mythological Sense of Our World, Sandpoint Middle School ($2,568)

Students will delve into novels which incorporate Greek/Roman mythology into their plots, read a variety of myths and prepare an interview with a Greek god/goddess/heroine/hero.

Liz Gollen, Channel 550 News, Sagle Elementary ($2,201)

The goal of this grant is to have all 6th grade students involved in the production of a live newscast, learn to edit, and formulate concise writing and communication skills.

Erin Roos, Happy On Purpose, Sandpoint High School ($1,625)

This grant will allow the teacher to complete a five-month training to gain mastery of the Happy on Purpose curriculum and facilitate supporting students in changing their lives for the better.

Cheryl Werhner, Robotics & Technology, Sandpoint Middle School ($7,106)

This project provides students with hands-on experience in a robotics course that will focus on 21st century skills, including collaboration, teamwork, innovation and problem solving.

Nayla Morton, Career Pathways – Aerospace, Sandpoint High School ($700)

The SHS aerospace program provides an integrated series of experiences for students to examine careers in aviation, get hands-on training and find help with post-secondary school and job planning.

Caitlin Sandell, CSI Forensic Science Class, Sandpoint Middle School ($3,320)

This Forensic Science class is a multi-grade level elective course that will be offered to 7th and 8th grade students. It is designed to introduce the science of forensics and study scientific evidence to solve crimes.

James Koehler, Buster & Friends School Bus Safety, District-Wide ($2,375)

The Buster the School Bus program teaches children school bus safety and the importance of staying safe on and off the bus with a fully animated RC robot that interacts with students.

Marcea Marine, Solar Cars Extraordinaire, Sandpoint Middle School ($2,058)

Each student will construct a solar car from scratch with this grant. Students will learn the properties of photovoltaic, aerodynamics, drag, gear ratio analysis and dimensional analysis and traction.

Perky Hagadone, Experiential Snow School, District-Wide ($7,500)

Each 5th grade class in the district will be involved in a pre-lesson with SOLE experts where they learn about our local watershed and spend a day on the mountain engaging in experiential learning.

Nancy Williams, Soaring With Science, Kootenai Elementary ($2,800)

Hands-on science classes will be taught each week, allowing students to apply their math, art, writing and reading skills in a real world application setting.

Emily Norton, Building Our Future, Southside Elementary ($8,050)

This grant will further our students’ hands-on opportunities in our Engineering is Elementary curriculum (EIE) and will include the materials kits our students need for their engineering projects.

Chantel Casey, Wild Literature, Sandpoint Middle School ($1,500)

This unit for 7th graders is composed of literature circles using various survival texts, research on survival techniques, construction of a survival kit, an author visit and survival presentations of short story creations.

Michelle McNelley, Just Right Books, Washington Elementary ($1,000)

Just Right Books provides books a child can read with 96% accuracy, fluency and strong comprehension to help create confident and proficient young readers.

Cindy Albertson, Peer Mentor Training, Sandpoint High School ($1,400)

The Peer Mentor Program was designed to help with freshman students’ high school transition as well as develop leadership skills within upper-class mentors. This grant will provide quality training at the crucial mid-year point for our student mentors.

Debbie Love, POAC Ovations, District-Wide ($1,000)

Ovations operates in conjunction with POAC’s annual performance series, providing students the opportunity to experience enriching performances hosted by nationally and internationally renowned performers and artists.

John Hastings, Laminar Flow Hood for Tissue Cultures, Sandpoint High School ($2,500)

This grant will offer a university-level tissue culture laboratory experience for SHS students. With the Laminar Flow Hood we can maintain a biologically sterile work area.

Karin Beno, Mars Rover, Southside Elementary ($824)

The Idaho Tech Mars Rover Design Challenge program is a STEM- based competition sponsored by the NASA-Idaho Space Grant Consortium. Students team up to design, build, and test robotic Lego models.

Elizabeth Dalessio, TIME for Kids, Kootenai Elementary ($1,804)

TIME For Kids is a weekly classroom news magazine designed to motivate kids to read. Each 8-page issue is full of essential science and social studies concepts, important news items, comprehension questions and standardized test preparation.

Jeralyn Mire, Community Connections, Sandpoint High School ($2,400)

This program connects students with our area’s employers by providing a two-day field trip to visit local businesses. This grant funds the field trips, which will be open to any teacher in LPOSD.

Alan Larsen, Animal Allies, Kootenai Elementary ($965)

First Lego League (FLL) provides opportunities for students to think like scientists and engineers and is designed to get them excited about STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math.

Joy Jansen, BrainWare Safari, Kootenai Elementary ($2,000)

The goal of this grant is to expand the use of BrainWare Safari (a program proven to increase cognitive skills) to specific students identified as having significant cognitive deficits.

Mike Turnlund, Experiential Learning Track Program, Clark Fork JH/HS ($9,850)

By offering four educational “tracks”, students will be offered meaningful exposure to four different career areas including art, culinary arts, technology & outdoor education.

Lee Ann Kopsa, Summer Reading, Kootenai Elementary ($2,250)

Summer Reading at Kootenai Elementary Library will provide a fun atmosphere that encourages students to read over the summer months.

Renee Lorden, Stand Up for Learning, Farmin Stidwell Elementary ($670)

Alternative seating provides a wide variety of positions other than traditional desks and chairs from which a student may receive instruction or perform in-class work.

Mike McNelley, Hands on Science, Northside Elementary ($700)

This grant ensures students will receive at least one hour per week in the “Science Lab” with additional center time during the week.

Alex Gray, Cyber Patriot, Sandpoint High School ($785)

The Cyber Patriot program, established by the Air Force Association, was created to excite, educate and motivate students toward careers in computer science through the adventures of cyber security and other STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

Patrick Lynch, Applied Math & Technical Writing, Sandpoint Middle School ($2,500)

The goal of this project is to have students apply concepts of the algebra, geometry and writing learned in 8th grade math to a proven year-end summative project by producing wind chimes.

Debbie Love, POAC Kaleidoscope, District-Wide ($1,000)

Through the Kaleidoscope outreach program, POAC will provide visual arts education to our mostly rural and underserved elementary students in grades 3-6 in LPOSD #84 and West Bonner School District #83.

Jamie Parnell, Summer Reading, Northside Elementary ($800)

With this grant, we can give Northside students access to reading materials over the summer months by opening our library one day a week to support and encourage reading.

Martha Kelley, Hopeful Clay Art, Hope Elementary ($1,000)

This project will allow students to continue to experience art with different materials, including clay, and learn new techniques and processes which increases right and left brain connectivity and crossover for enhanced learning.

Jeanne Warwick, Piano Dolly, Washington Elementary ($537)

A piano dolly will allow a heavy piano to be easily moved from one performance venue to another, allowing students to exhibit and practice note reading skills, harmonizing, sight reading, fluency and pitch.

Ray Bird, Mars Rover, Sagle Elementary ($1,000)

Mars Rover is an advanced program designed to enhance math and science concepts through participation in structured hands-on activities and team-building exercises.

Sarah Evans, Kinesthetic Learning, Forrest Bird Charter School ($2,000)

This grant will integrate standing desks, desk peddlers and balance boards to allow students to move comfortably so they stay engaged, focused and on-task.

Jeannie Hunter, Building the Future, Sandpoint High School ($645)

Stagecraft class is dedicated to teaching students how to use tools (purchased with this grant) used in set building, makeup, prop construction, publicity, costuming, hair design, lighting and sound design.

Deanna Giard, Guided Reading/Literature Circle Library, Sagle Elementary ($1,000)

The use of exemplary literature will create confident, curious, life-long readers who excel at comprehension and fluency. Books provided by this grant will extend and enrich the resources with the themes and units.

Jeanne Warwick, WES Explore Arts, Washington Elementary ($2,000)

Explore is an art history and skill development curriculum which will enrich our students’ learning by providing the opportunity to have access to age appropriate art education.

Sean Lyon, Forestry & Environmental Science, Sandpoint Middle School ($900)

This Outdoor Education course will take a broad look at world biomes and then narrow its view to our local ecosystems, providing students with an increased knowledge of our local forests.

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